Lab Testing

​​Advanced Lab Testing

Understand your inner functioning

  • Stool testing
  • OAT testing
  • Heavy Metal testing
  • MTHFR/COMT genetics

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers

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Nutritional Supplements

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We no longer carry Fast-Acting Melatonin, Glutathione Detox Lotion,

Liquid Sunshine (Vitamin D), and Supreme Curcumin.

Our children deserve the very best.

We as parents should provide them with the best support,

including nutritional support for healthy and normal development.

These natural supplements have been in development over the past decade to provide our kids with the nutrients the brain needs to support healthy development.

Our newest addition includes biomedical testing to understand our inner-workings.

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We are honored that Jacqueline Laurita from Housewives of New Jersey uses our supplements to help her son on his road to recovery.

“We just started to see Dr. Skowron. In only a few visits, he has changed my child’s life in a very natural and easy way. The teachers noticed, our friends noticed and our family noticed the positive changes in our daughter. We are so thankful to have found such a kind and caring professional with such great knowledge. We are so thankful…”— Shari J., Wethersfield 

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