How do I give these supplements to my child?
Mix the powders into any food or drink. While the powders are designed to have as little flavor as possible, children have sensitive palates. Try different food items to disguise the supplements, such as apple sauce, oatmeal, yogurt, or juice. Some parents will mix them into homemade popsicles or Jello in ice-cube trays. All of these supplements can be mixed with each other. They should not be mixed with calcium supplements, as this can reduce absorption.

How soon will I see improvements?
Each child responds differently, some as quickly as a couple weeks. If you don’t notice any change after two months, a different treatment might be more beneficial.

My child seems tired after taking these supplements. Can they cause fatigue?
Some children respond differently to serotonin nutritional agonists. If any supplement is causing sleepiness, give that supplement before bed.

How should I dose these supplements?
Supplements that provide nutritional support to the brain are not dosed based on weight like most medications.

Below is the standard dose (ask your physician for specifics for you):
Calm & Cool – 1 scoop in the morning and in the afternoon.
Power & Focus – 1 scoop in the morning

Temper Tamer - 1/4 tsp in the morning

Cortisol-Thyroid Balance - 1 capsule in the morning, 1 capsule after school

ENT Probiotic - 1 chewable daily

Can I schedule an appointment with Dr. Skowron?

Of course! Dr. Skowron performs Skype and phone appointments around the world. Schedule an appointment through his private practice website