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Our children deserve the very best.

We as parents should provide them with the best support,

including nutritional support for healthy and normal development.


Aluminum &

Flouride Toxicity

Causes Autism



Nutritional Supplements

Support Normal & Healthy Development

Academically, Behaviorally, and


Nutritional Supplements

“We just started to see Dr. Skowron. In only a few visits, he has changed my child’s life in a very natural and easy way. The teachers noticed, our friends noticed and our family noticed the positive changes in our daughter. We are so thankful to have found such a kind and caring professional with such great knowledge. We are so thankful…”— Shari J., Wethersfield 

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Supplements Supporting Children with Autism & ADHD

Our mission is to harmonize the developmental and emotional health of children. Helping kids helps the whole family.